Conference Timetable

08.30 - Registration & Networking

09.20 - Chairman's welcome

Christopher Macgowan, OBE

09.40 - Headline sponsor welcome

Sebastiano Fedrigo, director, Fiat Professional

09.50 - Modern life brought to you by a van

Karen Dee, director of policy, Freight Transport Association

The increased popularity of internet shopping and the subsequent demand for flexible home deliveries at a designated time and place is accepted as a consumer requirement, and more often than not it is the van that's delivering the goods. The number of light commercial vehicles registered in the UK has increased by 29% over the past 10 years to 3.28 million. Vans play a vital role in delivering logistics - one that is often overlooked.

10.10 - Successful benchmarking - how does your fleet measure up?

Dr Will Murray, research director, Interactive Driving Systems

Measuring and monitoring vehicle and driver performance is critical to business efficiency with recorded results the focus for action. But how do you know whether the performance of your fleet and drivers is at the cutting edge of business or still in the dark ages? Benchmarking against other commercial vehicle fleets is the key and Dr Will Murray will explain the route to success.

10.30 - Q&A Session

10.40 - Refreshments & Networking

11.00 - Cutting vehicle off road time

Dave Bowen, managing director, BT Fleet

With commercial fleets under increasing pressure to deliver against operational targets, fleet managers are facing the difficult challenge of achieving efficiency and compliance. Minimising vehicle downtime is one of the primary measures of efficiency and can be financially costly and cause reputational damage. In this session, BT Fleet will share how they've helped some of the UK's mission-critical commercial vehicle fleets keep uptime to a maximum.

11.20 - Residual values - the CV circle of life

James Davis, director of CV, Manheim Commercial Vehicles

When forecasting van residual values, it is crucial to understand the complex interrelation of lifecycle factors. Failure to do so exposes your business to significant financial risk. Presenting his new 12-stage model called ‘The CV Circle of Life’ for the first time,James Davis, Manheim director of commercial vehicles, will demystify many of key factors – including the influence of the asset owner and the asset operator – to help your business to reduce exposure to RV risk.

11.40 - Q&A Session

11.50 - Breakout sessions (Please see details below)

12.45 - Lunch & Networking

13.45 - Breakout sessions repeated (Please see details below)

14.45 - Refreshments & Networking

15.10 - CASE STUDY - Creating a safety culture

David Phillips, group logistics director, HSS Hire

Creating a safety culture is an an-going challenge for all fleet operators. HSS Hire is a Van Excellence accredited fleet and a gold standard FORS member. Group logistics director David Phillips will share a case study on the positive results it has achieved by putting safety at the forefront of its operations.

15.30 - CASE STUDY - Learnings from the logistics/haulage industry

Chris Hall, senior director of transport, Asda Logistics Services

Transport operators can often discover best practice solutions from each other, and many within the van industry feel they could gain valuable insights from their peers within the truck industry. Chris Hall, senior director of transport at at Asda Logistics Services will be sharing best practice from his fleet that could, and should, be adopted across the commercial fleet industry. 

15.50 - Q&A Session

16.00 - Chairman's closing remarks


Breakout Sessions

Risk management & the continued rise of technology

Darren Bell, director, Fleetvolution Consulting

‘Plan, do, check, act’ is the Health and Safety Executive’s recipe for managing work-related road safety. Today there are a string of sophisticated technologies from telematics to in-cab cameras and mobile phone apps to software solutions that can deliver fleet safety improvements. But how do you implement the best? Darren will be joined by a road safety expert to explore what may work best for you, and how how to avoid the pitfalls.

Utilisation - how to get an optimum fleet size

Mark Cartwright, head of vans and LCV's, Freight Transport Association & Dale Eynon, head of fleet services, Environment Agency

Operating the optimum number of vehicles is business critical, Mark Cartwright will be joined by Dale Eynon to explain the best tactics to deploy for vehicle allocation, driver-to-vehicle ratio and double shifting, as well as defect reporting and reducing SMR costs.

London and London working

Ted Sakyi, road fleet manager, Transport for London & Glen Davies, freight and fleet programme manager, CLOCS

Compliance with commercial vehicle operating requirements in London is getting harder for fleets to navigate, with the forthcoming Ultra-Low Emission Zone and soon-to-be-introduced Safer Lorry Scheme. Transport for London will be covering the up-coming changes, whilst CLOCS will be discussing the nationwide expansion of its cyclist safety project.